Kinesio Tape for pedicure 5 cm x 5 m

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Taping method for treating ingrown toenail.
While this effectively allows the skin around the toenail to heal, it does not address the underlying toenail curvature problem. Therefore, it's considered a temporary ingrown toenail pain relieving solution. This is one of the least aggressive methods to get rid of ingrown toenail pain and involves using an adhesive elastic tape. The tape is usually as thick as the height of the nail, with one end attached to the lateral nail fold beside the offending nail edge. For best results, this end should be tucked slightly into the nail fold to be able to pull the skin away more easily. The tape is then pulled taut, and should be long enough to go around the toe in an oblique manner. The other end of the tape should be able to reach the opposite nail fold but is placed obliquely so as not to cover the toenail and constrict the toe. For taping to be effective, it has to be done correctly and consistently. You may ask your doctor to teach you how to use the correct technique in applying the tape. Experts recommend that re-taping is done once to twice a week, especially if the tape has lost its stickiness.

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